Webinar #4: Local and International Standards on Sustainable Packaging and Current Trends

The first speaker, Ms Catherine Sheehy, Global Lead of Sustainability Partnerships at UL, shared on the significance of sustainable packaging and the four essential drivers - Investors, Regulators, Consumers, and NGOs and other stakeholders. She introduced specific packaging standards and key green claims - focusing on the ISO 180601, 180602, and 180603. She also highlighted examples of business approaches. Namely Walmart’s plastics packaging guidance, Amazon’s Compact by Design, and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Finally, Ms Sheehy shared how UL can help businesses through UL’s Packaging Testing Services, Prospector Tool, and UL thought leadership.


Ms. Sheehy highlighted examples of business approaches.  


The second speaker, Ms Tan Bee Lay, Chief Sustainability Officer of SDAX Exchange Pte Ltd, presented on sustainability in packaging, sustainable packaging standards, and how participants can further personalise their sustainable packaging strategy. Ms Tan covered the key points of sustainable packaging - Design, Sourcing, Development and Use of packaging solutions. She introduced some trends in sustainable packaging, emphasising on the “Less is More” trend, and shared on global regulations and directives relevant to packaging sustainability. Ms Tan concluded her presentation with case studies for companies to tackle issues arising from sustainable packaging and stressed on the importance of collaboration between companies.

Ms Tan shared the factors to consider when designing packaging for recyclability.


The third speaker, Dr Yvonne Lin, Materials Expert at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), presented on Circularity in Retail, a report launched by WWF in collaboration with Lendlease, as part of a combined commitment under the Plastic ACTion (PACT) business initiative. Dr Lin introduced PACT and its three Guiding Principles. She discussed the use of Secondary & Tertiary Packaging, and elaborated on the Enabling Sustainable Business Model, which identifies key stakeholders and challenges faced in their process. Dr Lin shared on the Alternative Materials Tool (AMT) that companies could tap on to evaluate the feasibility of different packaging materials.

Dr. Lin shared the considerations of the 3 main stakeholders would need to be considered to ensure a sustainable business model.

The final speaker, Ms Hwee Ling Woo, Lead Technical Service & Development Specialist for Dow Packaging and Speciality Plastics Asia Pacific, presented on recyclability and sustainability. She shared the trends focused on flexible packaging, and Dow’s Plastics Sustainability Strategy. Ms Woo shared  the solutions Dow offered businesses in terms of design for recyclability - the RecycleReady Technology and INNATE™ TF Resins. Other solutions include material savings in the packaging and materials using post-consumer recycled resins.

Ms Woo shared the factors that manufacturers consider with regards to choosing packaging.

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