Webinar #3 - Technology and Recycling for Sustainable Packaging Practices

The webinar on Technology and Recycling for Sustainable Packaging Practices was held on 23 February 2022. The webinar was on the plastics recycling industry, technology to address sustainability regulations, and the Enterprise Sustainability Programme (ESP).

The first speaker was Mr Joshua Tan, Analyst from Independent Commodity Intelligent Services (ICIS) Plastics Recycling Analyst Team. He provided an overview of the global and regional recycling in terms of capacity and distribution for mechanical and chemical recycling. He explained the recent developments in recycling capacity in the region. Mr Tan covered the current opportunities in terms of building capacity and recycling targets. Finally, Mr Tan summarised the recycling value chain and policies of the region, including that of Singapore.

Mr Joshua Tan sharing on Asia's recycling value chain

The second speaker was Mr Tan Kian Teng, Industry Executive, Mid-market from SAP. He shared on the importance of businesses adopting sustainability and the different sustainable focuses across South East Asia. He shared about seeing sustainability not as a destination, but as a journey, to derive sustainable value creation. Aside from just complying with global and local regulations, companies could do more by deriving end to end solutions, to decarbonise, eliminate waste, and drive social responsibility across the supply chains. Finally, companies could create new sustainable products, services, and business models. Among the many initiatives by SAP was the SAP Analytics Cloud. The system was designed to assist companies on their 3R plans for the Mandatory Packaging Reporting (MPR) where their system could help track precise product data and workflow. Finally, Mr Tan shared on the different SAP customers which benefitted from their smart systems.