Packaging Partnership Programme (PPP)

The Packaging Partnership Programme (PPP) is an initiative in partnership between the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) and National Environment Agency (NEA) to support companies in their journey towards adopting sustainable packaging waste management practices. 

This Programme aims to implement outreach initiatives, share knowledge and industry best practices through workshops and trainings to stakeholders of the various relevant industries (e.g. manufacturers, importers, service providers) in Singapore, to familiarise companies with the Mandatory Packaging Reporting (MPR) requirements and to build industry capability in sustainable packaging waste management. 

Be Part of the PPP, Join Us Today

Join as a PPP member today to pledge your support and contribute to sustainable packaging waste management in Singapore and enjoy the benefits shown below. There is no membership fee to join the PPP. To join, simply submit the completed membership application form.

For more information about the programme, please contact the PPP Secretariat at 6826 3042. 


As a PPP Member, you would enjoy

  1. Updates on information relating to sustainable packaging waste management
  2. Priority during registration for Workshops and Trainings
  3. Access to the use of the Logo for Products with Reduced Packaging (LPRP) (subject to application and approval)
  4. Listing and recognition on the PPP website as a Member 
  5. Opportunity to build greater network across the various Industry Groups of the SMF


Let’s come together and do our part for the environment by raising industry and community awareness on the 3Rs of Packaging Waste and exchanging best practices on how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Packaging Waste in different industries. 
Together, we can introduce new ideas such as supply chain initiatives that foster the sustainable use of resources in packaging.

Join us as a PPP member today!