Overview of the Packaging Partnership Programme (PPP)

The Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA)

The Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA) was a joint initiative by government, industry and NGOs to reduce packaging waste, launched in 2007. The Agreement was voluntary, so as to provide flexibility for the industry to adopt cost-effective solutions to reduce waste. It was signed by various parties including industry associations, individual companies, non-governmental organisations and public waste collectors. The SPA has since ended on 30 June 2020.

To support companies in their journey towards adopting sustainable packaging waste management practices, the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) is in partnership with the National Environment Agency (NEA) to introduce a new industry-led programme called the Packaging Partnership Programme.


The Packaging Partnership Programme (PPP)

The objectives of the Packaging Partnership Programme are to:

  1. build up industry capability to reduce, recover and recycle packaging waste;
  2. introduce supply chain initiatives that foster the sustainable use of resources in packaging; and
  3. raise industry and community awareness on 3Rs of packaging waste.

This Programme aims to implement outreach initiatives, share knowledge and industry best practices through workshops and trainings to stakeholders of the various relevant industries (e.g. manufacturers, importers, service providers) in Singapore, to familiarise companies with the Mandatory Packaging Reporting requirements and to build industry capability in sustainable packaging waste management.