Workshop #1 – Complying with the Mandatory Packaging Reporting (MPR)

To prepare companies for the Mandatory Packaging Reporting (MPR) requirements, a virtual half-day workshop was conducted on 31 August 2020 under the Packaging Partnership Programme (PPP).

Representatives from the National Environment Agency (NEA) shared the details of the MPR requirements under the Resource Sustainability Act (RSA) with more than 90 participants from a diverse range of industries such as the Food & Beverage, Packaging, Hospitality and Electronics Industry. Through this workshop, participants were able to understand the requirements and framework of the MPR, as well as who and what the MPR covers. Participants were also given a step-by-step guide on the online reporting of packaging data and 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) plans for packaging. This helped participants prepare their data reporting, which is due 31 March 2022, for packaging imported/used in the year of 2021.

7 types of 3R PlansScreenshot 1: Mr Remi Cesaro sharing on the 7 types of 3R Plans available that companies can adopt into their own 3R Plans

Besides the NEA, Mr Remi Cesaro from Zero Waste City, who is a Certified Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) Advisor, presented the reasons the MPR should be integrated into their business strategy and ways to operationalise the MPR in their company. He provided insights and case studies of 3R plans throughout the value chain – from sourcing, to point of sale and finally, end-of-life.

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