Webinar #2: Packaging in E-Commerce and Best Practices

The webinar on Packaging of E-Commerce and Best Practices was held on 26 January 2022. This webinar covered the best practices of packaging in E-commerce, recycling limitations in Singapore, as well as tips on creating awareness on sustainability in the community. 

Our first speaker, Ms Nerida Kelton, Vice President of Sustainability and Save Food, from the World Packaging Organisation, shared on global and local e-commerce growth. She shared that online grocers such as RedMart and NTUC FairPrice were dominating the local scene, while Shopee grew to be the most visited e-commerce platform in Q2 2020.

Ms Kelton introduced the types of e-commerce packaging commonly used, such as interior and exterior dunnage, and various designs from the WordStar Packaging Awards winners. For example, she shared about the AirPouch void-fill air pillow from Sealed Air. It was manufactured from low-density polyethylene made with at least 95% post-industrial material. These air pillows are labeled with instructions on how to recycle them, with 18,000 retail store drop-off locations nationwide in the US.

Sealed air’s new product for dunnage, made with recycled materials and could be collected back.

The next speaker was Ms Rachel Lee, Vice President, Marketing and Co-founder of Projext 2x2 from TwoOak, a local eye care brand that provides direct-to-consumer contact lenses. She shared on TwoOak’s Project 2x2, launched in October 2019 to facilitate recycling of single-use contact lens blister packaging. She shared on methods to raise awareness of sustainability to consumers which included trust and transparency with consumers. Ms Lee shared how companies could change the industry mindset and benefit from being more eco-conscious.

Ms Rachel Lee sharing on local consumer's increasing desire for sustainable brands.

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