PPP Roundtable Session

The Packaging Partnership Programme (PPP) held an online Roundtable Session on 25 April 2022 to provide an overview of Singapore’s Zero Waste Masterplan, updates and insights on the Mandatory Packaging Reporting (MPR) framework, and details on the PPP membership.

The webinar welcomed 303 attendees, from both PPP member and non-member companies. Speakers at the roundtable session included Mr Colin Goh, Chief Engineer from the National Environment Agency (NEA), Mr Matt Kovac, Chairman of the PPP Advisory Committee and Executive Director at Food Industry Asia (FIA), Mr Yeo Wei Jian, Head of Market Development at ExxonMobil, and Mr Patrick Kwang, Logistic and Operations Director at KrisShop


Mr Colin Goh, shared on Singapore’s national strategy for sustainable packaging waste management. Following the implementation of the MPR, NEA would introduce the Beverage Container Return Scheme (BCRS) as the first phase of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Scheme. The BCRS involves consumers paying the deposit upfront when purchasing a pre-packaged beverage, and upon returning the empty container, the deposit will be returned. Mr Goh also shared on the MPR and 3R Guidebook, (available here) which were developed to guide companies in complying with the MPR. Mr Goh also provided examples of 3R Plans submitted by companies obligated under the MPR.

Mr. Colin Goh shared examples of 3R Plans submitted that companies could consider.


Mr Matt Kovac introduced the Packaging Partnership Programme (PPP) and the initiatives and activities organised. Among the initiatives that he highlighted was the 3R Guidebook for Packaging, which was developed to help companies develop and implement 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) plans, to help find ways in reducing packaging waste. Mr Kovac also shared on the development of the Sustainable Packaging Solution Provider List, as well as other upcoming initiatives.


3R Guidebook is available to all for download.


Mr. Matt Kovac presented the key milestones achieved by the PPP.

Mr Yeo Weijian spoke about  Exxonmobil’s efforts in creating solutions with sustainability benefits, facilitating the recycling of materials and helping companies achieve their 3R plans.


Mr. Patrick Kwang shared some methods that KrisShop adopted in achieving packaging 3Rs for their e-commerce operations, such as redesigning or using packaging with less material or reusing packaging for internal uses.


Speakers addressing questions from the participants.


The PPP Roundtable Session was covered by media outlets.

He (Mr Kovac) noted that smaller companies may not have the resources or expertise to tackle the reporting process.

Some companies that were busy running their businesses may have left the mandatory reporting to the last minute, he added.

"The majority of companies understand that this was a helpful exercise for them to understand their packaging footprint, and how to reduce that in the future, and every year when they go through the reporting," said Mr Kovac.

The Packaging Partnership Programme provides resources to help companies grasp the reporting scheme. These include workshops, training and a packaging guidebook co-developed with NEA.

– An excerpt from The Straits Times about the MPR


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